Public-Interest Technologist

I recently realized that there’s a word for one of the things I do. It’s “Public-Interest Technologist”. Modeled after the concept of Public-Interest Law, I have and will continue to work on behalf of non-profits, charities, and other public good organizations pro-bono on anything within my area of expertise. Ranging from simple coding, web site construction all the way to technology selection, vetting of contractors, or strategy related questions.

If you are interested in my services for the public interest, please send me an email and I will be glad to make time to find out if I can help.

I think of public-interest technologists as people who combine their technological expertise with a public-interest focus, either by working on tech policy, working on a tech project with a public benefit, or working as a more traditional technologist for an organization with a public-interest focus. Public-interest technology isn’t one thing; it’s many things. And not everyone likes the term. Maybe it’s not the most accurate term for what different people do, but it’s the best umbrella term that covers everyone.

 Bruce Schneier writing in Public-Interest Technology Resources