Aaron Swartz: continuing developments

In the continuing stories around Aaron Swartz and events that led to his tragic suicide recently:

“Many people speculated throughout the whole ordeal that this was a political prosecution, motivated by anything/everything from Aaron’s effective campaigning against SOPA to his run-ins with the FBI over the PACER database. But Aaron actually didn’t believe it was — he thought it was overreach by some local prosecutors who didn’t really understand the internet and just saw him as a high-profile scalp they could claim, facilitated by a criminal justice system and computer crime laws specifically designed to give prosecutors, however incompetent or malicious, all the wrong incentives and all the power they could ever want.” (fromTarenSK)

Aaron Swartz Links

If you are in the tech community you’ve likely heard that Aaron Swartz committed suicide yesterday in New York. I didn’t know him but I was in the same room with him, at conferences or conversations a few times about 10 years ago. I certainly knew of him.

I’ve read many things about him in the last 24 hours. Here are some of the ones that spoke to me the most:

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