Algorithms Visualized: amazing

Check out this article that shows off how visualizations can help you understand how algorithms work. It’s an amazing piece of work: Creatively, he figured out how to illustrate an algorithm so I can better understand how it works; Technically, the code that implements these visualizations is itself very clever and elegant; and Aesthetically, the overall effect on the page itself is quite beautiful. I am jealous!

[GEEKY] Interesting collection of algorithms and great Ruby tutorial

Over the last several months I’ve been following a series of blog postings by Jamis Buck on the esoteric and quirky topic of writing programs to design mazes.

For reasons that are not clear, Jamis developed an obsession with mazes and has collected a series of articles detailing many different algorithms, their tradeoffs and concepts and writing them up beautifully.

Today in his final installment he summarized the project:

Over the last six weeks I documented eleven different maze generation algorithms. It’s been a blast. I’ve had so much fun researching and implementing these! It’s been great to see some of you taking my advice and applying these to learning a new programming language, as well; I really believe there is a lot of value to be had, there. (from Maze Generation: Algorithm Recap)

If you like programming, or like algorithms, or want to improve your Ruby skills, I strongly recommend this series: Maze Generation: Algorithm Recap