Goodbye to BlogBridge…

After a glorious run of almost 10 years, regretfully, I’ve decided to decomission BlogBridge. My longtime freinds and blog followers will remember that I and Aleksey worked on BlogBridge quite intensively for several years, and then gradually less and less.

Over the last several years BlogBridge was more or less on auto pilot, but still with a decent set of devoted users. And every week and month brought in additional users. Not a huge amount but enough to keep it interesting.

Our pricing model was very lopsided, with most of the features being available for free, and then two levels of paid use, the basic (for $20 per year) and publisher (for $100 per year.) While we should have done more experimenting on the pricing, the fact is that there were lots of good alternatives available for free. So it was a tough (bad?) market fromt he start.

It was a labor of love. A comparitively tiny amount of money was actually spent on it but really compared to the labor that went into designing and implementing BlogBridge, it was truly a labor of love.

So herewith the news that BlogBridge is no longer available as a supported product. While it still has innovations that have not been copied in newer products, the fact is that the interest in dedicated rss readers has passed and it does not make commercial sense to continue. Actually, it hasn’t made commercial sense for several years, but I am sentimental about it!

If you are a user, subscriber, or fan, you can read some more of the nitty gritty here.

How does that song go again? “Thanks for the memories…..”


RSS feed for for twitter

A simple question that for some reason does not have a simple answer:

“I want to follow someone’s twitter feed using an RSS reader, where is it?”

Well it seems that for some reason Twitter has quite hidden it but as a public service I will share the results of my research with you.

You will find it at:

So, for my twitter feed it is:

Of course, users of BlogBridge have a much easier time and have many more options. With BlogBridge you can subscribe to a person, to a list, or even to a general Twitter query, like “Object Oriented Marketing”.

Watch this brief video to see how you would do it in BlogBridge:

Sharing Web Site Designs

Recently I wanted to get feedback on one of several ideas for the design of the new BlogBridge web site. I had selected 6 product web sites that had a nice look and wanted to somehow visually compare them. Here are two free tools I used:

  • Papparazzi! is a free Mac utility that does one thing and does it well. It makes a screen shot from a URL of a web site, importantly, including the whole page not just the part that is visible without scrolling.
  • Pintrest is a free web site that facilitates sharing of images of things. Kind of like a delicious for images … or something. It’s kind of hard to describe which is why I had not used it before. But this was a perfect use of it.

With those two free tools, I was able to create this web page allowing the quick and easy comparison of the possible designs of the new BlogBridge web site.

Oh and if you care to, please weigh in on the design you like the best 🙂

Big announcement about twitter

Actually it’s about Twitter Support in BlogBridge. If you are a BlogBridge user, please try it out. Just click on BlogBridge Weekly Release and it will just work.

If you aren’t still or yet, please help me spread the word!

I have exciting news. We have released a new beta build of BlogBridge with IMO awesome new twitter support. This is bringing us another step to being the ultimate personal social media dashboard.” (from me!)

Spread the word!

Tweeting from more than one account?

You might be interested in what BlogBridge is doing about twittering from more than one account:

“Sometimes I tweet on my own behalf (’the weather in Curacao is hot’) and sometimes I tweet on BlogBridge’s behalf (’can I help solve your problem?’) This poses a bit of a logistical challenge for me.” (from BlogBridge blog)

Please weigh in!