Football Lingo

As a naturalized citizen who’s lived here for most of his life, Football used to be foreign to me. I grew up knowing soccer and baseball but for the first years Football was a mystery.

Now I have a pretty good grasp of football and enjoy watching games on TV. But then I come across something like this, and I am stumped and can’t decode it. If only there was a good football tutorial (don’t worry I already have “Football for Dummies”.)

This is from “Oh, did this unit of the Patriots struggle against the Jets”, in the Boston Globe.

“On the first 12 plays of the game, the Jets ran four plays each out of their base 3-4, their nickel package (four linemen, two linebackers), and their dime package (six defensive backs).” (from The Boston Globe

Now I have some questions. Nickel to me means five. So how does that turn into four linemen and two linebackers? And Dime to me means ten. How does that translate into six defensive backs?


“What’s next in tech” event in Boston in June

If you live in the Boston area and somehow connected to technology professions you should be interested in this meeting being put on in June:

What’s Next In Tech – Where will the next waves of growth will come from?

Date: Thursday, June 25th
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM (ET)
Where: Boston University, School of Management, 595 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, 02215
Price: $40

(If you are a student interested in attending this event and would like financial assistance, scholarships are available through

Take a look at the program, Scott Kirsner of the Boston Globe has lined up an impressive slate of speakers, both successful entrepreneurs as well as folks from the VC community. There will be discussion about mobile software, videogames, robotics, social media, cleantech, cloud computing, all potential major growth areas for us in New England.

I’ve been very deeply involved lately in what you might broadly call government transparency. Specifically my work is in next generation voting (as in democracy) technology. With what’s going on in the economy, and what seems to be the commitment from the current president, I suspect that too will be a growth area. Yes, a lot of the work going on now is non-profit/foundation driven but I say it’s a growth business, just like enterprise software was a few years ago. I hope there’s discussion of that too at this cool event.

If you are a Boston area entrepreneur, techie, student with a big idea, or all of the above, you should definitely come to this event.