“Gods of Carnage” – Huntington Theatre

I Just came back from seeing “Gods Of Carnage” at the Huntington Theatre (in Boston) tonight. Couldn’t wait to post my recommendation.

It’s short (about 80 minutes – no intermission), fast paced, well acted and funny. It’s a story about two couples who are thrown together to discuss a playground altercation between their two sons. That’s the set up.

The story takes up an evening when they get together to discuss it. Huntington has been embracing the web and social media in excellent fashion of late. I just noticed the ingenious new bit, which is doing a “trailer” for a theatre performance. I had not seen that before:

By the way, this has been a great season for the Huntington. We’ve been going there for years and enjoy it although each season there are some better and some worse.

Between Gods of Carnage (this play) and Captors from earlier this season we already have two outstanding – two thumbs up – plays and the season isn’t even half over yet.

I am excited to see what comes next!