Aruba vs. Curaçao

I admit I am always a little bit offended when I hear that a friend of mine (François?) chooses Aruba as a vacation destination. And it happens pretty regularly. Oh I always say that the two islands are very similar, but the truth is that I’ve spent very little time in Aruba, so… Anyway, for those of you who want to explore this delicate topic more deeply I present to you:

Aruba versus Curacao: Caribbean Showdown – Curaçao Chronicle:

At first glance Aruba and Curacao seem very similar. They’re both Dutch islands, they are about 75 miles apart from each other off of the coast of Venezuela and they even have most of the same cultural influences. But believe me; the two islands couldn’t be more different. These differences aren’t a bad thing; it’s just that some travelers will prefer one over the other depending on the type of vacation experience they’re looking for.


Netflix in Curaçao: “The Hour”, the BBC, and content licensing

I was recently visiting Curaçao and remembered that I had read that Netflix was now available in South America so I thought I would check it out. (Curaçao is not technically in South America but close enough!) Well, it worked.

For one reason or another, I found a british program called “The Hour” which I also remembered having been positioned as the BBC’s answer to Madmen. Which it is not.

What it is, is a compelling drama about the creation of an hour long news program on the BBC in the years following WWII.

So compelling in fact, that we watched the whole mini-series (6 or 7 episodes) while we were there. Which you will see, was a good thing.

The story itself is really interesting, but it is also beautifully shot. In fact the look of it is the one thing that is reminiscent of Madmen.  The acting is also great an the actors and characters are wonderful to watch. So glad we discovered “The Hour”

Being able to get to Netflix streaming in Curaçao is really cool because TV there can be uneven, depending on what cable package in available. I am in Curaçao a lot so this is a nice new option for you world travelers to be aware of.

Here’s a final twist. When I got back to the US, I went onto Netflix to find The Hour NOT available on Netflix!



An excellent paper about Curaçao Politics

This is probably not high on your radar, but if you have interest in the island of Curaçao you may have heard about the big referendum issue that is being hotly debated these days.

I won’t even try to capture the sides of the argument, rather I want to refer you to this outstanding paper written by people from Harvard Law School that cover the issues and sides thoroughly. It is, by the way, extremely well written.

The paper is called “A Look Through the Constitutional Prism” and it was written by Jeremias Prassl and Ben Gardner.

Here’s a taste:

“These issues were counterbalanced by a major advantage we brought to this study: being European, currently based in the United States, and without any past, present or future connection with the Antillean islands or the Kingdom of the Netherlands, we could offer each and every respondent a neutral ear; whilst many a probing question may have been challenging an interviewee’s perception, we strived to maintain strict neutrality whilst gathering data in order not to prejudice our findings.” (from A Look Through the Constitutional Prism)

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