What do you think of people who insist on saying “AN historic”?

I know (at least I believe) that, for example,

“… Scott Brown and I reached an historic agreement…”

is correct, and that

“… Scott Brown and I reached a historic agreement …”

would be incorrect.

But I can’t help hearing it as “snooty” and “smarty pants”.

I know, it’s my problem 🙂

Words borrowed from horse racing

I just finished reading the book Seabiscuit. I previously had no interest (and no respect) for Horse Racing. The book changed that. It was quite interesting in human and racing terms.

Now that I think about it I am also a big fan of the Dick Francis mystery series. Unfortunately he’s no longer with us, and I think I’ve read all of them. They are more about British steeplechase, but still, about horses. So I guess there was a latent interest there 🙂

Anyway, one take away was how many every day English words and expressions in daily use come from the Racing World. See how many surprise you!

  • track record
  • neck-a-neck
  • by a nose
  • also ran
  • dead heat
  • photo finish
  • tongue tied
  • down to the wire