Looking for eRoom

Long time ago I worked at a company called eRoom Technology where we developed a product called… eRoom. It was pretty successful and it was bought by a company called Documentum, that in turn was bought by a company called EMC. Today, on a lark, I was wondering what had happened to eRoom and I can’t really tell for sure.

Do you know: did eRoom become Documentum Centerstage? Or is that something else?

Do you know: does eRoom still exist? Or is the only thing left eRoom.net?

What happens if you set up an eRoom on the North Pole?

Here’s a new product I just saw, Igloo. It’s very nice and it reminds me of what eRoom might have looked like if we designed it 15 years later. They have a beautiful product. Here’s what they say:

At its core, Igloo is about communication: In your day, you might give updates, have discussions and share files with your team. With Igloo, that all happens in one place. Igloo helps you communicate in an elegant and integrated digital workplace. You get visibility into what’s happening throughout your whole team and your whole office. (From Igloo Web Site tour)