Letting out my Comcast frustrations

“Dear Kelley

I’ve had a very bad two days with Comcast, and if you check my account you will see that I’ve used Comcast for over 20 years!! But I am now talking to Verizon.

Because I don’t want to waste more time with you guys I will say this: I am glad to talk to someone serious who wants to know how you are going wrong. I don’t want to talk to a trained support person who is trying to calm me down. I am very calm.

Here is a short list of issues:

  • the web site says that the link is for an email to Rick Germano. This is clearly not the case as I am talking to you. You treat your customers like they are dummies.
  • your voice mail menu is horrible and time wasting. it seems tike it tries all it can do to avoid me talking to a person. Why even have an 800 number?
  • it is impossible to call a local office (like the one in Sommerville MA) to ask if they have a certain thing in stock to save me a trip as the only phone number is your horrible 800 number
  • the cable box that you gave me after I had to drive in the snow to pick it up, was defective. I know that because the second one I drove to the store in the snow to pick up just worked.
  • You use your customers as quality assurance instead of making sure that you don’t shrink wrap a boat anchor of a cable box that came from who knows where to hope it works for the next customer
  • t is impossible to find on your web site how much dvr is going to cost. I am forced to call (see complaint above)

Ok I could go on but am tired. I know you are trying to save money because competition is fierce but this is way too far for 2012.

Bye Bye. Pito Salas”

Customer vs. Consultant: Excellent advice

From an article called “Effective Customer Consultant Relationships”:

“As a customer, how can you get the most out of your consultants? As a consultant, how can you deliver what your customers really want? I have been on both sides of this relationship and experienced both successful and unsuccessful results. In this post, I will go through the typical aspects of these types of relationships and identify action items that I have used to forge effective and lasting customer consultant relationships for both parties.” (fromĀ “Effective Customer Consultant Relationships”)

If you are a tech consultant or are thinking of hiring one, this article has some excellent advice.