Latest update on the art for my game

I continue to spend spare time on developing my Android tablet game. As you may remember from my last post, it involves a top view of a city. I’ve taken the time to learn a lot of Adobe Illustrator so I am used slightly more advanced techniques than last time.

I have to admit that when I walk around town I am constantly noticing the width of sidewalks, the color of streets, whether there is grass right up to the side of the building and other silly details.

Anyway, here is what I have so far. How do you like it?


Game Design: Tiled Game Boards

I’ve spent the last few weeks in dribs and drabs building a new game for Android. Lately I got deeper on what it means to have a ’tiled’ game space display where you construct the appearance of the game space by arranging a series of graphic images based on what’s needed for a certain level of the game. The idea is that you get essentially data driven graphics.

In my case the game space is a maze, ostensibly a map of a neighborhood. Creating these, still rather ugly tiles, is fairly painstaking both to understand what the tiles are in your vocabulary to be able to create a variety of game levels, and then to do the graphic design and actual image files for these baybies.

Here you can see a basic game space over three generations of my art work, from unrecognizable to simply ugly. You know I like my software to be ‘beautiful’ so the game designer in me is really disappointed in the good-for-nothing artist in me who is working for the other guy 🙂

If you look closely you will notice that the ‘topology’ of the game space is the same, just the images in each of the tiles have changed:

First Generation Second Generation Third generation

Passion vs. Professionalism: Everyone has to take the garbage out some times

Interesting article with a provocative title: “The Designer’s Notebook: Passion Versus Professionalism“. This is a topic that interests me. He says:

“Passion” is an excuse used by employers to mistreat their employees. Your passion is supposed to make up for the insane hours and low pay for which the industry is notorious. Many job ads emphasize the importance of passion in applicants; few emphasize the quality of life that the employer offers. (from Passion vs. Professionalism”)

Reading the whole article, in the end I don’t agree with his argument. I think in general passion is a very important thing, and one should strive for it in your chosen profession. Without it, with just professionalism, I think no matter what your work is, it will become drudgery. I say “strive for it” because it’s true that no matter how much you love your job, some days you will really despise it. And as my friend Pat used to say about an unpleasant work assignment:  “Everyone has to take out the garbage some times”