Did you know that Microsoft Excel’s first version was released almost 35 years ago, as of the date of writing this article? Initially, our beloved spreadsheet program was available exclusively for Macintosh, back in 1985, with a version developed for Microsoft following in 1987. During its life, Excel has undergone a number of different transformations to become the powerful spreadsheet software that we know and love today.  Driven by our love for Microsoft Excel,
October 18, 2021 at 04:54PM

History of the AK-47

Not my usual topic, but I came across a rather interesting article about the history of the famous (infamous) AK-47 machine gun.

“The AK-47 has succeeded so wildly because it is almost an ideal realization of the personal firearm: where most weapons have had to contend with tradeoffs between accuracy, lethality, speed of fire, reliability, cost of production, and ease of carrying and use, the AK-47 managed to find a sweet spot maximizing these traits. In fact, the weapon is so reliable, effective, and easy to use by untrained operators that its advent made it widely possible for just about any group, even with little money, modern technology, or formal military training, to mount significant, deadly assaults against a much larger and more advanced force — a fact that has transformed the face of warfare and created a revolutionary romance that still surrounds the weapon. (from The New Atlantis)