Control the Sun, really

Control The Sun!

As you know, I am teaching a course at Olin College this spring – alas we are coming to the end. Anyway an important component has been a Lean Startup project, where students take invent a product and take it through a complete Lean Startup validation. Among many things that students do is to ‘go outside the building’ to validate their businesses.

Do me a great favor and help a team of students validate their idea, “Sunrise Blinds”, and answer this super easy questionnaire!

Get someone to clean your gutters for you

I am not being metaphorical, in fact, I am talking about gutters on your roof. A few years ago I wasn’t regularly cleaning my gutters and had a close call with roof leaks when we had an extensive period of rain and freezing that caused ice dams and all kinds of ugliness to many New England residents as well as friends of mine. I had a scare and since then I’ve been paying someone to clean my gutters each year.

Here’s a far more 2013 solution to the same problem. Yes, Robots are no longer just for sweeping your living room!