What is Pinterest good for?

Funny thing, I like many people are trying to figure out what Pinterest is good for. Well I found a use.

From yesterday’s post, you saw that I am searching for a new application icon for BlogBridge. In fact I listed a series of out/crowdsource design options. What I need to do now is to provide them with design guidance, a design brief.

So as you may imagine, I’ve been looking around the web for icons and logos which I like because one of the best ways to tell a designer what you are looking for is to show them the stuff you like.

See where this is going?

Voila, what better use for Pinterest can you think of?

Here’s my Pinterest “BlogBridge Icon Inspiration” Board

I will try to set it up so you can add an idea or two if you have any contribution. Whoops, that might be dangerous. Shall we try?