An excellent paper about Curaçao Politics

This is probably not high on your radar, but if you have interest in the island of Curaçao you may have heard about the big referendum issue that is being hotly debated these days.

I won’t even try to capture the sides of the argument, rather I want to refer you to this outstanding paper written by people from Harvard Law School that cover the issues and sides thoroughly. It is, by the way, extremely well written.

The paper is called “A Look Through the Constitutional Prism” and it was written by Jeremias Prassl and Ben Gardner.

Here’s a taste:

“These issues were counterbalanced by a major advantage we brought to this study: being European, currently based in the United States, and without any past, present or future connection with the Antillean islands or the Kingdom of the Netherlands, we could offer each and every respondent a neutral ear; whilst many a probing question may have been challenging an interviewee’s perception, we strived to maintain strict neutrality whilst gathering data in order not to prejudice our findings.” (from A Look Through the Constitutional Prism)

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