not working yet (duh)

I feel really bad for President Obama and I am still a big fan. But. As we all know now, this is a total disaster, on a lot of levels. For first hand experience, I tried to create an account on about the middle of October. After several tries I managed to do it. Yesterday I tried to log into the site to see how things were going, and after several tries and I managed to log in. But I didn’t get too far  before I got a 404 error.

Those of us who have worked on, or seen close up how a complex “web site” is built have a feeling of how complicated this is. And coupled with other factors and complications (like politics and buareaucratic ineptitude) we can’t say this is not a movie we’ve seen before. But that doesn’t begin to explain nor excuse it. Here’s a good behind the scenes article: How political fear was pitted against technical needs – The Washington Post:

“They were running the biggest start-up in the world, and they didn’t have anyone who had run a start-up, or even run a business,” said David Cutler, a Harvard professor and health adviser to Obama’s 2008 campaign, who was not the individual who provided the memo to The Washington Post but confirmed he was the author. “It’s very hard to think of a situation where the people best at getting legislation passed are best at implementing it. They are a different set of skills.”


More than Charisma

From Bob Herbert, in today’s New York Times:

“… [we’ve witnessed] the almost desperate hunger in this country for mature leadership, for someone who is not recless and clownish, shortsighted and self-absorbed.” (from The New York Times)

Someone asked said to me the other day, ‘you’re really political aren’t you?’ I don’t consider myself very political at all, never have been. One a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate myself a 3. So in a way I have surprised myself in the last 12 months.

I have to say that when I read it, the thought expressed in the quote above really resonated.