Goodbye to BlogBridge…

After a glorious run of almost 10 years, regretfully, I’ve decided to decomission BlogBridge. My longtime freinds and blog followers will remember that I and Aleksey worked on BlogBridge quite intensively for several years, and then gradually less and less.

Over the last several years BlogBridge was more or less on auto pilot, but still with a decent set of devoted users. And every week and month brought in additional users. Not a huge amount but enough to keep it interesting.

Our pricing model was very lopsided, with most of the features being available for free, and then two levels of paid use, the basic (for $20 per year) and publisher (for $100 per year.) While we should have done more experimenting on the pricing, the fact is that there were lots of good alternatives available for free. So it was a tough (bad?) market fromt he start.

It was a labor of love. A comparitively tiny amount of money was actually spent on it but really compared to the labor that went into designing and implementing BlogBridge, it was truly a labor of love.

So herewith the news that BlogBridge is no longer available as a supported product. While it still has innovations that have not been copied in newer products, the fact is that the interest in dedicated rss readers has passed and it does not make commercial sense to continue. Actually, it hasn’t made commercial sense for several years, but I am sentimental about it!

If you are a user, subscriber, or fan, you can read some more of the nitty gritty here.

How does that song go again? “Thanks for the memories…..”


Who sets the price for Über rides?

I’ve used the now-famous internetty car service Über a couple of times. The prices for the two rides I took were about 20-25% more expensive than taxis. Which made me wonder about how the prices are set for Über rides. Are they set in Silicon Valley by some all-knowing limousine wizard? Does it allow for competition, that is, can an enterprising Über-enabled driver choose to offer a lower price?

I worry because if Über actually becomes dominant they could through monopoly drive up the prices of black cars (which we used to call limousines, but that sounds too fancy I guess.) Could they in turn drive up the prices of regular taxi cabs?