Quirky for Mobile Products?

I read about Quirky.com in the paper the other day. From my perusal it’s a site where people (you and me) can submit ideas for manufactured products.

For example, let’s say I have an idea for a dog leash with a built in flashlight. Clever eh? Well, you can describe it to the best of your ability and submit it to the Quirky.com site.

Ideas are socially curated (translation: visitors to the site can vote on how much they like the product.) Once they reach a certain threshold then the Quirky staff analyzes the idea from a design, marketing, manufacturing perspective, and decides whether it’s worth pursuing. If it is, they actually design or mock it up and put it up for “pre-sale” in their catalog. If enough people buy it then the product is actually created and you (the inventor) gets a small cut of the profits. Here’s their diagram of the process.

What if we created a similar service, but focused exclusively on products for app phones (e.g. iPhone and Android.) What do you think?