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May 8, 2022 at 02:48PM

[GEEKY] Sublime Text surpassing TextMate?

I’ve been doing some more coding these days in Ruby.

I’ve had great success and fun (especially when debugging) using RadRails, which is an Eclipse based IDE for Ruby and Rails. It’s quite nice.

With introduction of RVM, bundler, and so on, I’ve gotten a feeling that RadRails maybe too much. It seems to get contexts confused and create more hassles. I am not sure yet, but it’s caused me to go back and use TextMate, which I’ve always had in an honored spot in my toolset.

Poking around forums and other resources there seems to be some frustration that TextMate 2 has not been completed yet, having been ‘in development’ for I think over two years. Also there seems to be more and more talk of Sublime Text 2 as a great alternative to TextMate. So… Here I go. I will report back.