All about Rolling Stone magazine

About a year ago I started reading Rolling Stone magazine. It’s true what Taibbi says, it’s definitely not People or EW magazine. Yes it does have good ‘cultural’ coverage about music and art and so on, but the writing is good and interesting and very often has nothing to do with music. All the uproar about the Tsarnaev cover (I haven’t received the issue yet but I almost feel like I have) is so over the top.

I mean get over it people, it’s just a magazine cover. Anyway, Mike Taibbi below has a far more reasoned reaction to the outrage than mine, and it’s a good article.

Matt Taibbi Explains the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Cover | Matt Taibbi | Rolling Stone:

It’s impossible to become too self-righteous in the defense of something like a magazine when the bottom line of this story is, has been, and always will be that people were cruelly murdered or mutilated through Tsarnaev’s horrible act. That truth supercedes all others and always will.  So this is a defense of Rolling Stone that I’m not shouting at the top of my voice. What happens to the magazine and its reputation is really of little consequence in the grand scheme of things. But I do think this has mainly been a misunderstanding, one that hopefully will be cleared up in time.


“The Real Housewives of Wall Street”

Mike Taibi writes in Rolling Stone about some fairly outrageous doings between Washington D.C. and Wall Street during the various ‘bailouts‘:

“Christy is the wife of John Mack, the chairman of Morgan Stanley. Susan is the widow of Peter Karches, a close friend of the Macks who served as president of Morgan Stanley’s investment-banking division. Neither woman appears to have any serious history in business, apart from a few philanthropic experiences. Yet the Federal Reserve handed them both low-interest loans of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars through a complicated bailout program that virtually guaranteed them millions in risk-free income.” (from The Real Housewives of Wall Street)