Killer feature for Mac OS X?

What if when I typed into the search box in Safari (Mac OS X’s web browser) the text is interpreted by Siri? I could type “What’s the weather tomorrow” and it would display a forecast for tomorrow, or type “text my wife that I love her” and it would initiate a text message to my wife. Wouldn’t that be cool?

I just typed into the search box “Is Kashi a company?” because I was in a Siri kind of mood, and of course I didn’t get a good answer. But maybe Siri on my iPhone would have known. (Update: I just tried it, and it didn’t but still, I think it’s a cool idea!)

Mac Mystery

Just reaching out you mac experts. I used to think I was one, but this one has me stumped.

Using Safari, every so often, while I am doing something (what?) shrinks the fonts of the page being displayed. In other words, does the equivalent of a Command/- or Command/+. It seems to have something to do with dragging the mouse while doing something else.

I know that a command-0 restores things normally. I also know that control-double-fingered-drag will enlarge the whole screen, that is, zoom in on the pixels. This is something else.

I can’t figure it out and neither can google. Do you know?