The Impending Flash Crisis?

An interesting article about this impending crisis. Although it’s impending, I had never heard about before, despite the claim that “This impending “flash crisis” is well known in system circles. It’s almost like a mini Y2K.” Ok, tell me more…

The core does make a great point:

“What happens when you blow up the “slow disk” assumption is that your entire software stack begins to crumble. When the cushion provided by those 10 ms of seek time goes away, CPU becomes your bottleneck. You have to start rethinking a lot of design choices.” (from Impending Flash Crisis)


Solid State Disk (SSD) links

I’ve been looking into changing up the primary (and only) disk in my 2 year old Mac Pro to a Solid State Disk (SSD). Based on what I’ve seen on the new Mac Airs I think it will boost performance a lot more than adding more memory would.

The problem is that these beasts are pretty expensive, so I am not going to replace my 400G Hard Disk with a 400G SSD. Instead I will have a much smaller SSD to boot from and run from, and leave the larger 400G to carry the load of large files that I don’t use a lot.

Here are a bunch of useful links that I have gathered in case you are thinking of doing the same: