Superbowl Social Media

Here’s a really interesting article about how the Superbowl used Social Media to enhance the experience:

“An exclusive, in-depth look into the Super Bowl’s first ever social media command center, the folks who ran it, and how the convergence of technology and people created the ultimate online Super Bowl experience.” (from Why the Super Bowl’s Mission Command Center Scores a Winning Touchdown)

The article goes into each of the four missions/goals they set out:: Safety, Service, Capture the experience, Amplification. Interesting that safety is number one. What they say:

“With an anticipated 150,000 visitors to descend on Indianapolis, a main focus of the social media command center is to ensure public safety. They will monitor social media channels for traffic situations, parking recommendations, and anything that could be considered suspicious behavior or malevolent. Additionally, should a crisis situation present itself, the command center will disseminate information for Homeland Security and public safety command centers.” (from Why the Super Bowl’s Mission Command Center Scores a Winning Touchdown)

And thanks to Melissa for pointing me to that article. Melissa is VP Engineering at Awareness who gets very high praise int he article:

Awareness, Inc.€“ After test driving many different social monitoring systems, Raidious chose Awareness Inc’s Social Media Marketing Hub for publishing, monitoring and analyzing conversation streams. Raidious chose Awareness, Inc because of its capabilities and user interface…” (from Why the Super Bowl’s Mission Command Center Scores a Winning Touchdown)

Channukah is like the World Series, Christmas like the superbowl

Ned Batchelder, my pal, points out that:

“Like the Super Bowl, Christmas is one concentrated day. For celebrants, it is the only thing happening that day, and it’s preceded by weeks of anticipation and preparation. Another similarity is the zeal with which businesses try to piggy-back on the excitement.” (from Ned Batchelder’s Blog)

He ends sweetly:

“While the daylight passes as it normally would, the evenings are spent specially, and the entire week is tinged with a special feeling because of it. If you have to miss one night for another reason, that’s OK, you’ve got others you can celebrate.” (from Ned Batchelder’s Blog)

(yeah, you heard me, I called Ned sweet 🙂