30 Year TV Show

I just saw that the final “Season” of Mad Men will be delivered in two mini-seasons, 7 episdodes in 2014 and 7 more in 2015. I had this idea for a TV show that has not been done yet.

Just like the contrivance of 24 hours is that it occurred over a 24 hour period, in real time, my show, called 30 Years, occurs over a 30 year time span, in real time, with the same actors. Here’s how it works.

We commit to 30 years (calendar years) of seasons, with 4 epiisodes each. The actors start out in year 1, and the same ones, appear year after year, so you actually see them aging and the world changing around them. It’s one cogent story line which is determined up front, but it runs for 30 actual years, 4 episodes at a time.

(c) Pito Salas, 2014. Patent Pending.

Mad Men Going Nuts

Do you watch Mad Men? I know it’s very good. I always watch it. But sometimes, it doesn’t make sense, and I wonder, have I been sucked into a reality distortion field myself? Is it really good?

REVIEW: Mad Men – Episode 8: The Crash – Celebrity Gossip, News & Photos, Movie Reviews, Competitions – Entertainmentwise:

However, the experiment was hit and miss. With the majority of the creative team at SCDPCGC (as the agency seems to be called at the moment) under the influence of, um, well who knows really, there were moments when it was hard to tell what was real from what was imagined. Again, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing but there was a bit too much of it in this episode to make it a really enjoyable show. Was Ken really tap dancing in front of Don or was it just a product of his drug induced haze? Either way it was strange. However, where the confusion definitely worked was in the appearance of Grandma Ida.


Cautionary Tale? Too much screen time can be hazardous to your health!

From Science Daily: Couch Potatoes Beware: Too Much Time Spent Watching TV Is Harmful to Heart Health.

“Data show that compared to people who spend less than two hours each day on screen-based entertainment like watching TV, using the computer or playing video games, those who devote more than four hours to these activities are more than twice as likely to have a major cardiac event that involves hospitalization, death or both.” (from Couch Potatoes Beware: Too Much Time Spent Watching TV Is Harmful to Heart Health