A fascinating story of Curt Shilling’s game company’s demise

This is from the New York Time’s article about Curt Shilling’s ill fated game company “38 Studios”:

“It just felt really good, when this all started, to have the sexy sports celebrity from Boston who seemed to like Rhode Island and showed up in Rhode Island, and who built this exotic new business, even though no one knew what it was,” says the historian Ted Widmer, who grew up in Providence and works at Brown. “It seemed like the digital economy, or biotech, or whatever. But then it turned out that it wasn’t the new digital economy. It was some 13-year-old’s medieval fantasy.” (fromThe New York Times)

Read it, it’s a fascinating story.

Oh and I had some comments about the story way back when: “Can Shilling focus on 38 studios and still be great for the Red Sox?”