Magic Links

Here's a really cool idea (via Boing Boing - see their story) - Creating a web site, identical to an existing one, except that certain words have been changed to links. A very powerful idea. Read the [article ]( see the site.

In BlogBridge we already have automatic highlights of keywords. That is, you can specify a set of words or phrases you care about, and BlogBridge will highlight them whenever they occur in a Blog posting.

What if:
in addition to preprocessing words for highlighting we also preprocessed them for magic links. In other words, automatically certain words in a blog posting would be turned into links. Wow!

There are variations here:

  • We could allow you to specify a URL with your keywords and then instead of simply highlighting, magically convert the keyword into a link.

  • We could have a large glossary of words of interest on our BlogBridge server and map them to links.

  • We could (following the example that inspired this) look up words which occur frequently in WikiPedia and supply links to that.

  • We could look them up in Google (using the Google API) and supply links to that!

It boggles the mind. Food for thought.