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Space Shuttle Software: YERO

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Who would think that our advanced space fairing craft have a YERO (Year End Rollover) problem?

From an article about the YERO problem:

"The YERO problem relates to the shuttle orbiter's computers needing to reset through a change of year, which could cause a glitch on orbit." (from Nasa News)

I've been reading more about the pre-Shuttle space program. One factoid which is almost hard to believe was that the computers on the Apollo had the power of a modern day digital watch. I bet they didn't have a YERO problem 🙂

Inner Beauty

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If you know or remember the great Inner Beauty hot sauce, then you will be interested in this article whice (claims to) reveal the actual, original recipe for Inner Beauty Hotsauce.

Let me warn you, it is very hot. I tried making a batch. It's quite easy in the food processor. How did it come out? I would give it a B+ on my first attempt. It resembles the real thing but I thought the spicyness hid the flavor a little, and also it was a bit too watery.

Next time I will try to up the mustard quantity a little.

Still quite good, worth a try!

All I need is a pair of pants

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Check out this post from apophenia (no I didn't write it 🙂

Dear Clothing Designers,

I am disappointed in your lack of understanding of the diversity of women's bodies. I traipsed down Broadway, into Soho, and out to the malls in search of a pair of pants that fit. I was willing to spend a decent amount of money on said pants so I visited everything from high end designers to department and chain stores.

I tried on over 150 pairs and came up empty handed. I tried on pants ranging from sizes 6-12, petites, regulars, and "short." I was even willing to get the bottoms hemmed if only I could find a pair that fit up top. I even tried on the ugly pants.

(from: All I need is a pair of pants.)

Ok, so what I find unbelievable and shocking about this paragraph is that someone would try on over 150 pairs. Let's see, if trying on a pair takes optimistically an average of 5 minutes, and she kept up this pace for 4 hours per day, then our friend danah spent 3 days doing nothingbut trying on pants.

[I've known one other person who insisted that his first name not be capitalized: glenn. Who knows…. But then my name is Pito.]

10 Commandments might apply to more than just Facebook!

Link: 10 Commandments might apply to more than just Facebook!: ""

Check out these 10 Commandments for Facebook Applications. They are pretty good commandments for software in general. I especially like:

"Make it simple. Users DO NOT read.", from FaceReviews

Yup, I have seen that time and time again with BlogBridge. Hard to believe. But true. Of course there's the 1 in a thousand who ask for more documentation, but they are very rare.

[if you are interested in Facebook, take a look at BlogBridge's Guide of Facebook blogs and feeds]

Is Apple trying to buy off “Fake Steve” or is it April 1 in December?

Link: Is Apple trying to buy off “Fake Steve” or is it April 1 in December?: ""

I wrote recently about Fake Steve and wondered aloud how he could get away with what he gets away with.

If that thread interested you at all, you've got to go look at the latest shenanigans that Fake Steve is reporting in his blog. He's being offered big bucks to stop blogging.

"[snip…] He sits there with his hands on his knees. He says, I'm authorized to go as high as five hundred thousand dollars, but that's it.[snip…] From Secret Diary of Fake Steve Jobs

Hall of mirrors. Is this Fake Steve Jobs speaking, or is it Daniel Lyons for real, or is it Fake Daniel Lyons?

Keep an eye on Inquisix

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Here's an interesting new product, just into beta: Inquisix. This is a service for sales people who need a more effective alternative to cold calling to generate leads.

They say: "Now there's no need to waste time on cold calling when contacts are just an Inquisix Trusted Referral Away."

Here is something about their process:

"… [snip] Inquisix reviews those requests and alerts only the members who could make those introductions. Those members review your online profile and reputation to determine if their customers would be interested in an introduction. [snip…]"

I've looked at the product (even though I am not a 'prospect' myself) and it makes a lot of sense. You may want to check it out - they are taking beta applications.

Revolution, Not Evolution

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Check out this post from I, Cringely . The Pulpit | PBS:

A couple months have passed since I announced Team Cringely, my plan to win the Google Lunar X Prize by landing a rover on the Moon and driving it around. This week the first of the GLX contestants formally registered with more to follow, including Team Cringely, so it would seem that an update is in order. Mostly, though, I want to cover what has emerged as the primary motivation behind Team Cringely, which is literally preserving the entire idea of going to space, an idea that -- at least for America -- is near death.

(from: Revolution, Not Evolution)

Now I've been reading Cringley for a long time, but I hadn't had him figured for this kind of thing. I almost thought it was a joke, but if you read the whole post, it doesn't sound like it!

Why are you reading?

Link: Why are you reading?: ""

If you are a hardcore blog reader like I am, and like BlogBridge fans are, it's worth giving a little thought to what this article is saying:

"I read this and thrashed and spluttered like Yosemite Sam for a while before I admitted it: he’s right. It is a self-created problem, and I need to understand what makes me feel the need to consume the equivalent of a Carnegie library every day, instead of just finding a more efficient way to choke it down." (from 43 Folders)

Read the whole article: it challenges assumptions about why we read (and write) our blogs so diligently.