Pydantic: Simplifying Data Validation in Python – Real Python

Excellent introduction and overview of one of the most used python packages: Pydantic.

  • Web site excerpt: Discover the power of Pydantic, Python's most popular data parsing, validation, and serialization library. In this hands-on tutorial, you'll learn how to make your code more robust, trustworthy, and easier to debug with Pydantic.

  • Link to site: Pydantic: Simplifying Data Validation in Python – Real Python

So your teacher wants you to do open source

Teachers, like me, might think it’s a good idea to suggest that students do a quick open source contribution. This article explains why that might be doing harm to the project’s.

  • Web site excerpt: If your teacher (or tutorial/video/hackathon/etc) says "go do X in an open source project" and then sends you off unsupervised, they haven't adequately prepa...

  • Link to site: So your teacher wants you to do open source

Kamal: hot deployment tool to watch—or a total game changer?—Martian Chronicles, Evil Martians’ team blog

An excellent review and investigation of the new hotness in cloud deployment, Kamal. Alternative to K8S and k3s, supposedly much simpler.

Introduction | Foxglove | Docs

I have seen this demoed. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks great. In summary (I think) it is an RVIZ++ but that runs in a web browser. So, you can for example access it from an iPad or a non-Linux computer. Looks very useful.

  • Web site excerpt: Foxglove helps teams explore, collaborate on, and ultimately make sense of their data more efficiently.

  • Link to site: Introduction | Foxglove | Docs

Asimovo Home - Asimovo

Another online Robotics Development Enviorment for your collection!

  • Web site excerpt: Smarter Robotics Collaborate / Simulate / Accelerate RoboDevOps platform to accelerate your development and adoption Get Started Connecting robotics teams to resources We are on a mission to accelerate the development and introduction of smarter robots into everyday life. Our platform empowers iterative development and collaboration helping you accelerate your development process and team performance: Use

  • Link to site: Asimovo Home - Asimovo