Basics - Rye

Link: Basics - Rye: "An Experimental Package Management Solution for Python"

See attached info about RYE. Ok so I complain that python has so many different package managers, virtual environment mechanisms, dependency managers, and so on. Much to my chagrin, I recently read something saying, “whatever you do, don’t use poetry”.

Rye But, but, but… rye looks really nice from the linked description. I’m just a little hesitant to lock myself to rye and find myself in 6 months having to do something totally different.

By the way I happen to be a happy user of rbenv (@ Ruby environment manager) so my default is pyenv, which works the same way exactly. Not sure if they are from the same person, but they are basically identical.


Link: Satyrn: "A modern Jupyter client for MacOS"

Attached is a link to a macOS app Ui for Jupyter notebook. Looking at the screen shots (maybe they’re mockups, I can’t tell) it looks super useful and nice!

The Writebook Manual

Link: The Writebook Manual: "A new way to publish a book to the web"

Attached is an elegant new product (at least its prerelease documentation) to “publish a book” to the web. I believe it will be a single license software product that you get to deploy to a server, including a cloud server. There are of course numerous ways of doing this but’s stuff is always excellent and beautiful.

PySimpleGUI – An Intro to Laying Out Elements

Link: PySimpleGUI – An Intro to Laying Out Elements: "PySimpleGUI is a Python GUI that wraps other Python GUI toolkits (Tkinter, PySide, wxPython). By abstracting away the complexities of the other GUIs into a common API, you can quickly write code that can be rendered using any of those other toolkits just by changing the import at the top of your program."

Linked is a package for creating user interfaces with Python. This is just a reminder to myself that it exists. It looks useful.