Too Many Toolbars!

Everyone wants to give me a toolbar! I've successfully fought back Yahoo's and am a happy user of Google's Toolbar.

Now A9 has a toolbar too.

Have you checked out A9? It's Amazon's Search Service. What does Amazon want with a Search Service? Don't ask me! Does the world need another one?

I guess I am all for trying to improve on what exists. But in the case of A9, they license Google results and then "add value." For me the value isn't persuasive yet.

But geez, do I have to decide now between the Google toolbar and the A9 Toolbar? Puleez!

But here 's a tidbit for you: if you use A9 then you get a little discount on your Anazon book order. It's only 1.5% (or so 🙂 but still if you order a lot of books, it could add up!