Am I cranky today?

Here I go again, picking a out quote from a blogger who I really like and dissecting it. I don't know, maybe I am cranky. Robert Scoble, of Microsoft and Scobelizer fame, reports on a conversation he had with Kim Polese. All in all a fascinating bit, and I hope Kim realized that Scoble was going to blog the whole dang thing. Buried somewhere in the middle, Scoble says:

"It was not possible until there was friction free collaboration(blogs, RSS, Wikis, IRC chat), and a large number of open source components."

Maybe it's because I come from the world of collaboration, but I hate seeing people's fascination and even infatuation with theh new stuff that's no better than the old stuff, or sometimes way worse.

I won't pick on Wiki's again (although I still feel the sameā€¦), but how about IRC? I mean calling IRC 'friction free'? Puleeez. I would call it maximum friction! Anyway, just cranky I guess.