Talking points memo: who’s obsessed now?

I'm a huge fan of Talking Points Memo, Josh Marshall's blog. In fact it's my exhibit #1 for people who ask me for a good blog to read (assuming they are "liberal." If they are not I point them to Instapundit.)

Anyway just a few words about Josh Marshall's complaint about how the spinmeisters positioned Kerry's comment about Cheney's daughter the other night. They called it "A crass, below-the-belt political strategy to attach the president's daughter."

Well, my reaction was the same as Mr. Marshall's - how can they call what Kerry said an attack? You can call it a lot of things but not an attack. But I was amused by this comment in Josh Marshall's blog:

"And 'below-the-belt'? Like 'cheap and tawdry', why are all the criticisms coded in sexual language?"

Hmm. Below the belt actually is a boxing term not sexual language at all. Now who is being cheap and tawdry! And by the way, in his last paragraph:

"It's a telling example of how the heavy-weights on the cable nets, the gilded and the gelded , …"

Heavy-weights is another boxing term, I think. But gilded and gelded? I don't know, the whole thing struck me as funny!