What is a blog, again?

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My answer to the question: " What is a Blog", which I get asked often, goes something like this:

"A blog is a just a web site with articles or notes that get posted there, generally by a single person. There's nothing especially new or complex about the technology of blogs. What's new and compelling is the blogging phenomenon : For whatever reason, individuals with unique and important points of view are choosing to publish those in blogs."

Actually the point of this post is to point you this great and I would almost say moving account by Kevin Sites, keeper of a photo blog that was very active and interesting earlier this year and the year before.

Kevin Sites is a reporter who has been covering the Iraq war from the inside. You might have heard about the video tape of a marine shooting a prisoner which has made quite an uproar both here and in the Middle East.

It is, to me, amazing to be able to read, in Kevin Sites own words, what he saw, what he thought about it at the time and now, and how it has unfolded for him.