My social theory of blogging

We all love reading blogs (right?), and some of us even use their valuable time writing blogs. In my evangelism of blogging, a common question is " Why?." Why would you spend your time writing, for a small (for most of us) mostly anonymous audience, for free?

Well I have a (lower-case "t") theory that many bloggers (like me) work alone, at home, or as a consultant, or perhaps wor in a company but not among like minded people.

In this scenario, the blog becomes an outlet for casual little thoughts, insights and discoveries (like this one), which usually would be shared around the office coffee machine, by popping into someone else's office, or when running into them at lunch or on the elevator. When none of these outlets are available, a solo worker becomes a blogger and shares those nuggets with "the world."

I don't know if this rings true to other bloggers, but it does to me.