Is Sarah McLachlan is Video Podcasting?

sarah_wof[1].gif On her site, World On Fire, Sarah McLachlan has an interesting video, which reminded me what Video podcasting or Video blogging can become. Picking up on a theme of mine from a few days ago, one of the important characteristics of the blogging phenomenon is that people who otherwise would have no access to broadcasting are able to get their content (text, pictures, audio and video) delivered to interested people. This perspective says that the barriers to creating the content are low enough now (typing, digital cameras, recorders, video cams etc.) that once the distribution (broadcasting) barriers go away a lot of people who have something to say/show are able to do it on their own. Podcasting represents a major lowering of the distribution barriers. The connection with this video? She made this Video on a total shoestring, like a Podcaster would. it's the kind of video I'd expect to see video podcasted. And another thing: the video and the story about why she made it is pretty cool too!