What Venture Capitalists say

Guy Kawasaki writes a nice little bit about VCs (some of my best friends are VCs) and about entrepreneurs. It rings very true to me. Here's some of what he says:

"Venture capitalists are simple people: we've either decided to invest, and we are convincing ourselves that our gut is right (aka, "due diligence") or there's not a chance in hell. While we may be simple, we're not necessarily forthcoming, so if you think it's hard to get a "yes" out of venture capitalist, you should try to get a conclusive "no."" "Alas, entrepreneurs are also simple people: If they don't hear a conclusive "no," they assume the answer is yes." (From "Let the good times roll by Guy Kawasaki"

Read the whole thing. It's well written, humorous and contains some really good advice! Technorati Tags: vc