JRuby 0.9.2

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I was discussing with a friend yesterday, really, what's the difference
between a scripting language and a 'real' language? Is Java a 'real'
language? After all it does run on top of an interpreter (the JVM.) But
what's an interpreter anyway? Is the only 'real' language C++? Even C# is

Ah I think that's all old think. I do think there's a qualitative difference
between a Ruby and a Java, but it's not about scripting versus real. It's
about something else…. and by the way, what happens when Ruby is run on
top of the JVM?

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The JRuby development team have released version 0.9.2. "This release
has some great improvements: extensions openssl and readline now
working, code for a new graphical irb console, partial support fo…

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