Blog tag, I’m it

I've been tagged in the new fangled blog tag game, and am now honor bound to reveal 5 things about me that you probably don't know yet.

  1. The "R" in R. Pito Salas stands for Ralph
  2. My ancestors have been in Curaçao for over three hundred years
  3. I've been studying piano for 3 years. I am still a beginner.
  4. I was a team lead on one of the earliest Macintosh software products, Jazz

And now, it is for me to tag 5 others. It would be fun if there was a permanent home for these fun factoids about us.

  1. Brian DelVeccio - The Institute of Hybernautics
  2. Aleksey Gureev - Noizze
  3. Francois Gossieaux - Emergence Marketing
  4. Kathleen Gilroy - The Otter Group
  5. Marjolein Hoekstra - Clever Clogs

Over to you, pals!