[geeky] Dang – I was looking for one of these just last week

13 port USB hub

Yeah very geeky , eh? All I was able to locate was 7-port USB hubs. Why not daisy chain them? I have reason to believe that while logically it should not matter, in practice it does.

My reason is that I've read tech notes on at least one device that told me specifically to plug it directly into the USB 2.0 port of my computer and not into a hub. which made no sense to me, but made a difference in fixing a problem I was having.

In the end I bought another 7-port hub (which seemed to be the flavor I saw most often) and plugged them together in a way to have as few "hops" as possible. All seems to work ok.

In fact who knows if internal to the 13 port hubs there are 2 7 port hubs, daisy chained. Anyone know?