How does Fake Steve get away with this?

Everyone by now has heard that the Diary of Fake Steve Jobs is actually written by Daniel Lyons, a Senior Editor at Forbes.

In a recent article, as an example, you can see, Fake Steve can be downright catty:

"[snip…]I pointed out to Otellini that in fact this just makes Negroponte look like a jackass , which is why the Journal placed that statement into the story and attributed it to Negroponte.

The way this technique works is they try to seem all cool and neutral but they're really making Negroponte look like a donkey -- and right on Page One of the world's biggest business publication.

Nice.[…snip]" (from The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Give one, get one, right in the ass)

Ok this is satire. But it is tremendously harsh. And there is a continuing stream of aggressively mean things that he writes about Mr. Negroponte.

It's kind of amazing that now that the true writer of this stuff is known, that this continues. I mean, sure he must get lots of traffic, but it has to have permanently changed his reputation as a journalist.