Rumorville: Microsoft – Amazon

Yes there's been lots of rumors of Microsoft acquiring Yahoo, or Logitech. They come and go constantly.

I am starting one (a rumor that is) that has not been mentioned Microsoft will buy Amazon. I will state my case, very briefly:

Amazon has been building an amazing platform of services for their online store which they make available to the world at large. I am sure you've heard of many of them available via Amazon Web Services, such as S3 and EC2. Newer ones like DevPay and SimpleDB.

Microsoft is feeling pressure from Google, that continues to create the worlds best known services platform and is attracting all kinds attention. So much so that Microsoft talks about the need to create analogous services in response to Google.

I know what a massive strategic undertaking this would be; I know that Microsoft must be scared and pissed at Google; I know that Amazon already has this, and that Microsoft has said they want it.

But what do I know, it's just a rumor.