Field notes from a Nature Conservancy meeting

Check out this post Field notes from a Nature Conservancy meeting:

"First, the Nature Conservancy has a strongly science-based policy for making land-purchasing decisions. They take into account things like the minimum viable ecosystem size in determining which acquisitions will actually have lasting impact.

Trouble is, for many areas, the conditions those decisions are based on may change.

Areas near sea level are an obvious example. But so are the more than 10,000 acres of native tallgrass prairie that they have protected in Kansas. How much will that ecosystem change with the projected changes in precipitation in this region?Obviously, the Nature Conservancy is taking into account such projections, as best they can. But they have also decided that the risks of climate change to the world's ecosystems are too large to simply adapt to: hence their interest in helping to push governments to enact policies that will help mitigate it." (from: from RealClimate)

The Nature Conservency is a great organization. This article gives a lot of interesting context and background.