Clean up your Amazon Wishlist!

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If you are anything like me, you are constantly coming across books and other goodies that look interesting but not interesting enough to actually get.

In my house, there are several shelves that contain books purchased but not yet read. It's my queue. I love them . It's like having a personal bookstore with only books that I love. Or at least, I think I will love.

The Amazon wish list has become basically another way station between Amazon and my shelves. I save money by storing part of my queue of interesting books inside Amazon's wish list. After all, when will I actually read them?

Which brings us to today's topic. Clean up that Amazon wishlist. The holidays are coming and people actually look at that list and send you gifts. So make sure that what's on the list is actually stuff that you want to unwrap!

I just discovered that Amazon has a very handy organizer which allows you to bulk move and bulk categorize stuff on your list in one fell swoop. So I created a new, private list, called Pito's personal tickler of stuff I may want and moved two-thirds of the junk that was on my public wishlist to it. Just look for the "move/copy" button and you will be golden!

(This post again going to prove that no topic is too mundane for a blog post 😉

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