Support Club Passim in Harvard Square!!!

Hey! If you live in Boston or Cambridge, and you like music, especially Folk music, then you've probably been to Club Passim in Cambridge - Harvard Square actually. It's a lot more than a 'Coffee House' - it's an institution where many of your favorite 70s acts got their start.

Passim is a tiny little folk music club in Harvard Square that's existed years and years and where musicians like Joan Baez and Bob Dylan played at the very beginning of their careers. I am friends with various people at Passim, over the year we have attended lots of shows there.

We have been members for years and more recently even made some donations to them. For me, the place has a wonderful sense of history, not to mention that we are big folk music fans. Passim has hit hard times over the years on several occasions, and this year's economic downturn (did you read about it by any chance?) has hit them hard again.

I know I would hate to see Passim go under or have to curtail it's programs even more than they are already doing. They have a fairly tiny budget as it is, and they do a lot for music in the area as well as nation wide.We go often and it's amazing a place like that lives hand-to-mouth. You wouldn't believe it.

How about it, lighten up your 2008 tax return a little and make a contribution. You will feel happy and Joan Baez will personally call you to say thanks. Whoops. There I go again. No she won't call you. But I will 🙂

I've made a page where you can contribute if you are so moved. Click and Give!

Also you can send a check, made out to Passim Center to:
Passim Folk Music & Cultural Center
26 Church Street, Suite 300
Cambridge, MA 02138