Op-ed in Mass High Tech about ResourceMatcher.org

Gavin Murphy (of Annkissam) and I have been talking about the implementation of an idea that has been floating around the philanthropic community for a while, which is leveraging the web to create kind of a match making service where grass roots community projects who need people, equipment, expertise or money can be matched up with individuals and organizations who have indicated their willingness to offer those.

We recently were asked by Mass High Tech if we wanted to write an op-ed about the project, and it just came out today. The purpose of the article as much as anything is to find out if there is interest and support for doing such a project. Here's the last paragraph of the article:

"Does [resourcematcher.org] make sense to you? We are looking for partners who believe in the potential of this idea and are interested in working with us to make it a reality. If your organization would like to discuss ways in which to partner with us, please get in touch." (from Mass High Tech)

Separately, I also participated in a podcast where I described more details about the history and background of the project. You can find it at Blog Talk Radio, on the Social Actions section.

If you are interested in knowing more, or better still, helping us get this off the ground, please, get in touch or post a comment!