Sequoia Voting System Witch Hunt, err… Study Project

Check this post Sequoia Voting System Witch Hunt, err… Study Project from Coder's Revolution:

Matt Woodward pointed out this Slash Dot article today about the accidental release of code from the Sequoia Voting Systems and a web site dedicated to studying that code. Apparently the Election Defense Alliance obtained a copy of the election data for Riverside County, California. It came in the form of a Microsoft SQL Server backup that was SUPPOSED to have all the code such as stored procs and triggers redacted. I wandered over to the "Sequoia Voting System Study Project" and scored me a copy of the data. [More] (from:Sequoia Voting System Witch Hunt, err… Study Project)

There's been (among election geeks, anyway) a flurry of comment on the discovery (by accident) that Sequoia uses SQL Stored Procedures. First of all the code snippet that was released was IMGHO innoccuous, second, I don't think it's really clear where that code snippet is from. So I agree with this post (and his vigorous defense in the comment stream) framing this as a Witch Hunt.