This never happened: Russian Spy

This never happened…

We were working on some piece of software or something and the Russians invaded our workplace and demanded that we create it for them. We were threatened in big ways. We had a kind of a robot thing small which had a video camera and it was left in the Big room while we were put into a Small room. They demanded that we concede but we would not.

I had doubts about it, why not just do it for them and be done with it? Otherwise we might all be killed and whats the point. We coud get the government to help us write a perfect contract that would make sure that if we did it they would release us what shame would there be in that?

Then they decided to give us a little outdoor break and took us by a big war ship on a voyage. It wasn't clear exactly why but it was a break. We stopped somewhere in the very cold (maybe in the arctic) and everyone was allowed to go above to see it.

Chris went but i couldnt find our camera. There was a huge room for personal belongings on racks and among them many cameras many that looked similar but in the end I talked to someone who said it was dark anyway so i went up. I ended up on a different deck from Chris but i could see her.

Now the ship was goin gvery fast and making a sharp turn so they could show off how cool their ship was and the ship listed so much that I could get my arm and then my legs into the water. It was cold but it was fun. Next we went back below and they served us lunch -- waiters and Russian sailors! I think there was a Rueben and something else.

Then we were below again and we were in a room where sailors were working with equipment and they heard an airplane outside so they immediately did a drill to lock stuff down -- I assume thinking there might be an attack.

Then we were back in the dining room and Chris who had brought some trinkets or notes for the natives got up on a table and got everyone’s attention to make some kind of speech -- probably to tell people what she had brought.

But another guy thiought she was getting up there to sing happy birdthday or to congratulate him on his birthday. He was old.