Greplin, actually a rather cool product!

After attending the Lean Startup Machine weekend a few days ago, I pay more attention to these 'I created this startup in 3 hours' stories. So when I saw this in Inc. Magazine:

"He's an Israeli who sidestepped military service in favor of moving to the Bay Area to become Y Combinator's youngest founder. Six months later, all eyes are on Daniel Gross, as he has almost $5 million in funding backing his search engine, Greplin. Oh, and he didn’t go to college." (from

I was intrigued. The headline was even more preposterous: "How a 19-year-old earned $5 Million to Revolutionize Search" (alternatively to 'Take on Google'. Well he didn't earn $5 Million, right, it was funding. Also while a cool product, I highly doubt it is going to revolutionize search or take on google.

From what I can see, Greplin, searches through all of my 'password protected' web sites, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook, DropBox and so on. It's very simple and just works. I am not ready to declare it life changing because I don't know yet how often I actually need to search there, but still, a very interesting product. I would check it out!