What is the cellphone equivalent of a hat rack?

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I am just as guilty as anyone of being overly addicted to looking at my cellphone, and that's not an original observation! It's a cliché that has been written and talked about ad nauseum.

This article points out that there was a time when men wore hats outdoors and the social norm was always to take your hat off when you were indoors or were interacting socially. Maybe the reason is that the brim of the hat covers your eyes and interferes with normal social interaction, who knows. But if you watch Mad Men you are quite familiar with the phenomenon. The article makes a funny analogy with our use of digital devices:

"It seems that whenever people meet in person these days, they do so while separating their attention between the people in the room and the devices in their hands. Somehow, it has become socially acceptable to digitally masturbate in each other’s company. You might say, “but I’m taking notes or responding to an important request!” No you’re not, you are digitally dicking around." (from Tech is Making Meetings Worse - it's time for Digital Hat Racks")

Great idea! Let's see it on Kickstarter soon!