VSCode + WSL makes Windows awesome for web development

Me too. I also bought the M3 beats everything story. Still I have gotten programmed to really like the overall look of the macOS universe and be somewhat repelled by the windows look and feel. That’s just taste. But, the so called disadvantage of the macOS “walled garden” to me is a feature. That my contacts, calendar, desktop, email and all seamlessly stay in sync across my laptops, desktop, phone and tablet is a huge advantage that I totally rely on.

  • Web site excerpt: I’m kinda shocked. Windows actually got good for web developers. Between VSCode, WSL, and Intel’s latest desktop chips, I’ve been living with a PC for over a week that runs my programming tests faster than an M3 Max, ships with an excellent window manager out-the-box, and generally feels like a completely viable alternative to macOS fo...

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