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Welcome to Talking Points for Life

  • Web site excerpt: Too many people are left wandering through Reddit threads and Quora posts looking for advice on what to say. Communication is tricky. We all bring our own biases, emotions and histories to the table. This site will help you navigate those tricky subjects, allowing you to build healthier and happier relationships.

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Coding Interview Preparation | Codinginterview

  • Web site excerpt: A very interesting overview of companies and their spproach yo coding interviews. Good if youre applying for a job there. But also good if you are designing your interview process. Author says: “Take the guesswork out of coding interviews with Explore comprehensive guides to hack the process at top companies including Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, and more “

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The Case for Models | Concerning Quality

  • Web site excerpt: An interesting idea, model based testing. The aurhor says: “Again, I’m writing about models because I have a deep desire to keep software minimal. While I don’t think it’s wrong to simply buckle up and deal with the complexity and raw magnitude of implementations as many of us do, that’s just not the path that I find appealing intuitively.”

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